Consulting Services

While Court Vision’s principal service is the thorough high school player evaluation to be viewed and used by college coaching staffs, there will be coaches and administrators visiting the website on behalf of students who would have interest themselves in the various consulting services offered by Coach Sicko and his many similarly experienced colleagues across the country.

A short list of common services follows. We are available to discuss these or other basketball coaching oriented topics.

  • Evaluate a practice in person.
  • Scout an opponent in person or on tape.
  • “Scout” your own team in person or on tape
  • Conduct a Seminar with staff or school district in person or on Webinar
  • Have a one on one Discussion with Head Coach (Drills, Practice Planning, X’s and O’s, Special Situations) in person, Facetime or email forum.
  • Conduct basketball portion of search for head and assistant coaching positions

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