First Offers

First offers are exciting but be patient. There is a lot of copy-cat recruiting by schools. If you receive your first offer, other offers generally follow quickly.

Campus Visits

Campus Visits: Try to visit on a regular school day and practice day, if possible. Parties, football games and basketball games are all fine but you also need to see the school when it’s not “on”.

Make the Routine Plays

A real player/prospect understands that basketball, like every other competitive sport, consists of making hundreds of routine plays.

You only get to make the occasional “highlight play” among hundreds of “grunt plays” such as running back hard on D, blocking out and keeping your man in front of you.

Tweener vs Hybrid

“Tweeners” and “hybrids” are different players. Tweeners are considered too small for the position they fit best. Hybrids can play two or more positions well, regardless of size. In this case, your perceived stock goes up.

First at your Position

When you receive an offer, always ask if it’s a “first at your position to accept” offer. Many times a school will offer 3-5 players at the same position and accept the first taker and rescind the other offers.

Assistant Coach Relationships

Assistant Coaches: It’s normal to develop relationships with assistant coaches during the recruiting process but choosing a school on that basis is even riskier than choosing a school because of the Head Coach.

Test Yourself!

The more you test yourself on state, regional and national levels, the more you’re aware of how hard you really have to work to achieve your goals.

Hard Recruitment

Hard recruitment on the front end requires hard de-recruitment on back end. Keep it real up front and you’ll adjust quicker when it gets real.

Recruiting Landscape

The recruiting landscape changes every day with signings, commits,  decommits, and transfers but the only thing you can really control is how you approach each day.

Recruiting Lists | Recruiting Tips

No matter what a college staff calls their recruiting lists, one is a “priority” list and the other is a “backup” list in case they miss their prime targets. Some staffs will honestly tell you where you stand.

Choosing a Roster | Recruiting Tip

There will be college rosters that will give you better opportunities than others.  However, no matter what college you choose, it is wise to get used to the idea that you’ll have competition in the recruiting classes before you, after you and possibly in the same class.

Defensive Recruiting Tip

Keeping your man with the ball in front of you on defense is one of the best things you can do to gain the respect and trust of any coach. You don’t have to steal the ball every possession.

Perimeter Players | Recruiting Tip

If you are exclusively a perimeter player, you need to be really good at either creating an open triple attempt for a teammate or be a knockdown triple shooter yourself.  Being really good at both is rare and highly desirable.

Recruiting Tip | Trainers

The best players in the world have access to personal trainers and nutritionists. If money were no object, you would too. But, with a little guidance from professionals in your school system, a simple program can be structured to enhance your development.

Scholarship Competition

The competition for scholarships has always been intense. But now, the number of international players recruited by US colleges directly from overseas or after a year or two in American high and prep schools increases yearly.