Early Commits

Early commitments/early signing date have actually helped clarify the “picture” for mid and low major schools/prospects,  Every time a player “goes off the board:, the picture is clearer.

Stay Grounded

Stay grounded: Don’t fall victim to recruiting and/or media hype about you. Many players have peaked early because they believed what others wrote or said.

Recruiting Letters

Recruiting Letters: Many are computer generated; others are personal. But even the so-called “personal” notes can be canned and duplicated to many other recruits-even over the years.

Big Names

“Name” coaches and programs. Don’t go to a big name program for the effect of announcing it.
No one- especially you- will be impressed if it’s the wrong fit.

Timed Offers

Some programs will give you a time limit to decide on their offer.
Others won’t.
Your reaction will probably depend on who has the “hammer”.