Scouts Make Mistakes

Scouts make mistakes all the time because a scouting report is just a “snapshot in time”. You can progress or regress alone on whether or not you think you’ve “arrived”.

Fun Check

Even though college basketball is a business, having fun is why you started playing in the first place. Don’t overlook this simple checkpoint.

“Fool’s Gold”

Don’t fall for the glitz and glamor-school’s shoe deal, uniforms, nice trips, official visit fun etc. None of that will be important as you live your life after college.

Quality Time

The amount of time you will spend with the coaching staff and players over a career is mind-boggling. Make sure you’re a good fit for that program’s unique culture.


Junior Colleges:  Even if you are a lock qualifier, keep JC’s on your radar.  This is a vastly under-used option by the under-recruited.

Slow Played

If you’re being “slow played” by a staff, they’re waiting on other players’ decisions.  It’s up to you if that’s OK.

Style of Play

Style of Play:  Don’t let your ego get in the way by thinking you can play all styles and for all coaches.  You can avoid a bad choice in this area with honest assessment.


The definition of “commitment” is “a pledge or promise; an obligation:”  Schools and players who treat verbals lightly are likely to be repeat offenders.

Academic Program Choice

Don’t go to a college or into an academic program where you are totally overmatched.  If that happens on the court, you sit on the bench.  If it happens in school, you flunk out.