You can actually “specialize” yourself into fewer minutes of playing time and be viewed as a “situational” player.  Don’t bury yourself at the expense of one skill.  

College Costs

Research college costs for tuition, housing, meals, and books early for in and out of state public universities, private institutions and junior colleges.  You’ll appreciate the process more and will be wiser for the process.

Home Visits

Home Visits: These presentations are “canned”. They don’t vary more than 10% from visit to visit.
The more the coach talks “off the cuff”, the more you’ll get real insights.

Decision Makers

College coaches spend a lot of time trying to figure out who is the real decision maker in each player’s recruitment. They often find out too late. Make sure YOU know YOUR decision maker(s).

First Offers

First offers are exciting but be patient. There is a lot of copy-cat recruiting by schools. If you receive your first offer, other offers generally follow quickly.

Campus Visits

Campus Visits: Try to visit on a regular school day and practice day, if possible. Parties, football games and basketball games are all fine but you also need to see the school when it’s not “on”.

Make the Routine Plays

A real player/prospect understands that basketball, like every other competitive sport, consists of making hundreds of routine plays.

You only get to make the occasional “highlight play” among hundreds of “grunt plays” such as running back hard on D, blocking out and keeping your man in front of you.