Tweener vs Hybrid

“Tweeners” and “hybrids” are different players. Tweeners are considered too small for the position they fit best. Hybrids can play two or more positions well, regardless of size. In this case, your perceived stock goes up.

First at your Position

When you receive an offer, always ask if it’s a “first at your position to accept” offer. Many times a school will offer 3-5 players at the same position and accept the first taker and rescind the other offers.

Assistant Coach Relationships

Assistant Coaches: It’s normal to develop relationships with assistant coaches during the recruiting process but choosing a school on that basis is even riskier than choosing a school because of the Head Coach.

Test Yourself!

The more you test yourself on state, regional and national levels, the more you’re aware of how hard you really have to work to achieve your goals.